The company, founded by the father of the current Managing Director, was started in 1954 to import and distribute cleaning machines.

Its first foray into fasteners was in 1963 when the company was made NSW distributor for the plastic “Expandet” brand of wall plugs. Macsim’s plastic wall plugs replaced, the then, fibre plug and it is still one of the mainstays of its range.

From the early 70’s Macsim gradually increased their range of anchoring systems. Other fastenings, such as rivets, screws and bolts came into the range from the mid 80’s after dividing off the commercial cleaning machines into a separate company. The complete Macsim range includes 7500 stock items across Anchoring, Screws, Rivets, Silicone & Adhesives, Bolts & Nuts, Nails, Power & Gas Tools, Screwdriver Bits, and more.

Macsim Fastenings is one of the few, truly Australian owned fastening companies in the country with branches operating in Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane & Townsville QLD, Perth WA, Adelaide SA. Macsim also has a fully operational branch in Auckland,
New Zealand.

Macsim has won numerous industry awards from various Building & Trade Buying Groups and in recent years has been honoured with “Supplier of the Year” proving that the company is offering quality products and customer service.

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